My Professional New Year’s Resolutions

Well, I’m off to a good professional start in 2010 because I’m working right now. I’ve been going through my various websites changing the copyright dates in the footers to 2010. It’s amazing to see how old a few of my sites are now.

I popped over to this blog to check if the copyright date needed updating as well and figured I’d write some of my more important New Year’s Resolutions regarding my professional life. Here they are.

  • I will only post content to my websites that is of high quality and will be of benefit to my website visitors.
  • I will spend 70% of my working time on my two main websites (the 2 sites that make up the bulk of my income). I will spend 20% of my time on my sites that I am currently trying to monetize. And I will spend the remaining 10% on all my other websites.
  • I will become more active in at least one social media outlet such as Facebook, Twitter or one of the professional online forums I belong to.
  • I will create and send out at least five Net Gazettes.
  • I will increase my book sales by at least 30%.

Twitter Has Lots of Marketing Potential

I have had more time to use Twitter and to research and try new ways to utilize it for marketing. Now I feel that Twitter is indeed worth the time. If used properly it can definitely help with your marketing efforts. It is not an end-all marketing silver bullet or panacea. Instead, it could make a good addition to your social media marketing toolbox. Here are ten excellent ways to use Twitter for marketing:

  1. Use it to promote new pieces of content you or your company create to drive traffic to your site. From online articles to blog posts or from videos to webinars, each time you add something to the Web that is of value, tweet about it and include a link. (Most people on Twitter use to take a long URL and make it short.)
  2. Use it for learning new marketing ideas, strategies and techniques. If you follow the right people, and you have to be picky about who you follow, you’ll get pointed to a good amount of useful tutorials, videos, e-zines and other things that teach you about marketing.
  3. Use it to get new customers. Use Twitter’s search to find people who may be interested in your product or service.
    • There are many ingenious ways to search for people on Twitter. For example, if you sell red widgets you could go to and find people who have tweeted specifically looking for red widgets. To do this, type the following into the search box: red widgets ?
    • You’ll notice a lot of the results will be of others selling red widgets. These ones will all obviously have links in them to direct people to the site they’re selling red widgets on. To weed these people/tweets out, use the negative sign like this: -http red widgets ?
      Since every link has ‘http’ in it, using the negative sign in front of it will cause your search results to not include any tweets with links in them.
  4. Use it to build your email list. Use Twitter’s search to find people who may be interested in the monthly newsletter you send out to your opt-in house email list. Invite these people to join.
  5. Utilize Twitter plugins or add-ons such as TweetMyBlog or The Twitter Updater, which both automatically make tweets of every new blog post you publish. Also check out TwitThis. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the Web page and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their followers on Twitter. Finally, look at TweetLater, a service that allows you to write lots of tweets at once and then schedule them to go out over time.
  6. Use it to build buzz about an upcoming product or website launch.
  7. Use it to better brand yourself or your business. Remember, when someone wants to learn more about you or your company, they are increasingly using sites like Twitter for research. You could easily use Twitter to establish yourself as an authority in your field.
  8. Use it to update followers on breaking news regarding your company. If your company is mentioned in a new article, tweet about it and include a link to the article. Or if you’re at a conference or trade show, you could tweet what you’re doing and invite people to visit you in person.
  9. Use it for business networking, master-mind groups (see Napoleon Hill), and getting yourself seen by high-profile people in your industry.
  10. Use it as an instant messaging system to keep your and your team on the same page during projects. This is especially useful for those who work with teams spread out in different cities or countries.
Follow Me on Twitter
Follow Me On Twitter

Is Twitter Worth the Time? I am Trying to Use Twitter to Decide

I don’t know. I think I may not really want Twitter to succeed. It seems kinda dumb. People writing tiny blurbs about what they’re doing at that moment. It seems self indulgent and monumentally banal. Nonetheless, I can’t escape it. The local TV shows I watch now like news and other shows now give me their Twitter account to follow.

And a lot of famous people are Twittering and Tweeting or something. It’s crazy, even George Stephanopoulos from this week gave me his Twitter account to follow him. George Stephanopoulos? Do I really want to know what he’s doing . . . ever?

Then I heard Howard Stern will be Twittering. Maybe the apocalypse is near indeed.

I can’t tell yet if Twitter is a fad or something bigger. I simply don’t know. So, I am trying to determine if Twittering, or Tweeting, or Twatting is worth my time and effort. I’m using it a little and trying to read a little about it’s supposed marketing capabilities. Hopefully I’ll have some data soon.

Oh, and if you want to follow me on Twitter, click here.

An Internet Marketing Consultant’s Search for Resources

Back in the ’90’s I made a conscious decision to become a Web professional. I knew I was going to make my living by becoming an Internet consultant. Whether that was going to be in design, programming or marketing was something I didn’t know yet. It ended up being all three, but lately I find I’ve been wearing the Internet Marketing Consultant hat most.

When I made the decision way back then to become an Internet consultant I essentially taught myself by reading everything relevant I could find online. Today the useful information online has grown immensely (and sadly the useless spam has grown as much, if not more than the good stuff since then as well.)

Lately I’ve been searching for and reading small business, search engine optimization, online business and general Internet marketing content online. I plan on compiling a list of Internet marketing resources that I can recommend to my Net Gazette readers. Here are just a few that I can recommend now.

Internet Marketing Consultant Resources (a very incomplete list)


  • SEO Book – This is Aaron Wall’s site and I highly recommend getting a premium account. It’s got great SEO content, articles, videos and a vibrant SEO forum.
  • SEOMoz
  • John Andrews
  • SEO Theory – A lot of advanced SEO content here and some excellent articles.

Internet Business

Competitive Analysis

  • DomainTools – A great place to conduct competitive research
  • Compete – Track your rivals

Internet Marketing with Articles

  • The Phantom Writers – Distribution service and article writing and article marketing resource
  • iSnare – Article distribution service
  • – This could go in any of these categories

Strategic Link Development & Tools

Web 2.0

  • Digg – List your articles and blog posts
  • Squidoo – Make your on pages that are hosted on Squidoo’s servers
  • Delicious – Online bookmarking service
  • Sphinn – Internet marketing news and discussion forums

I will continue my search for excellent Internet marketing resources for the Web marketing consultant. Look for my next Net Gazette edition (you’ll need to sign up) for a lot more of this.

On the Internet, you have to crawl through the muck sometimes, but there is all the information you need to be an expert Internet marketing consultant online, you just have to search for it.