Small Business Web Design and Marketing Book

I just wrote and published a Web book called “The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Business Website – The Non-Technical Person’s Handbook For Hiring a Web Designer and Managing the Creation, Design & E-Marketing of a Successful Business Website”. It’s published by Brandon Oak Publishing and written by the CEO of Oak Web Works, LLC, Jason OConnor.

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  • Discover the strategies and tactics that go into building a world-class business website
  • Get industry-insider tips and advice on constructing your business website
  • Find out how to totally distinguish yourself from your online competition
  • Learn all the secrets to finding and hiring the best possible Web design firm or freelancer
  • Learn how to negotiate with Web designers and how to avoid getting ripped off
  • Learn how to save boat-loads of time and money in your website creation project
  • Get tips and tricks for designing and creating the best possible money-making website

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