I was in a band called Artomatic which is an improvisational trio. I play bass and there is a keyboard player and a drummer.

We’ve been practicing weekly for a year and a couple weeks ago we had our first gig. And it was the first gig I have played in a long time. The show was at a place called Workshop13, which is an old church converted into a cultural center.

It’s a very cool place and the alter was our stage. Behind us was a large white wall which we used as a screen that we projected psychedelic images onto. We also had lots of stage lights, lasers and smoke machines, so the vibe was excellent. Tables and chairs were put where the pews used to be and we had a decent audience who seemed to enjoy the show.

Update 8/22/14: We’re playing another gig tonight at the same venue, but tonight we’re going to be the house band for an open mic night.

The picture above from left to right: Me (Jason), Neal and Brian