I don’t know. I think I may not really want Twitter to succeed. It seems kinda dumb. People writing tiny blurbs about what they’re doing at that moment. It seems self indulgent and monumentally banal. Nonetheless, I can’t escape it. The local TV shows I watch now like news and other shows now give me their Twitter account to follow.

And a lot of famous people are Twittering and Tweeting or something. It’s crazy, even George Stephanopoulos from this week gave me his Twitter account to follow him. George Stephanopoulos? Do I really want to know what he’s doing . . . ever?

Then I heard Howard Stern will be Twittering. Maybe the apocalypse is near indeed.

I can’t tell yet if Twitter is a fad or something bigger. I simply don’t know. So, I am trying to determine if Twittering, or Tweeting, or Twatting is worth my time and effort. I’m using it a little and trying to read a little about it’s supposed marketing capabilities. Hopefully I’ll have some data soon.

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