Being from one of the first computer generations and being a computer nerd myself, I have suffered at the hands of that dastardly apostrophe in my last name enough. My goal is to systematically take out the apostrophe in my last name and for all OConnor’s across the world to do the same.

The reason being is that the apostrophe causes all kinds of annoying problems when trying to log in to websites or when attempting to be found while on phone calls with customer service reps. The reps will not know if you’re entered into their database as o’connor or oconnor or o connor. It’s maddening.

Since there’s more than one way to spell my last name – o’connor or oconnor or o connor – this causes confusion and makes everything take a lot longer to deal with.

The customer service rep will invariably say something like, “I don’t see see you here, how do you spell your name, “ER” or “OR”? With or without the apostrophe?”

First of all, I know of no OConnor’s who use “ER” (as in OConner). We use “OR”.

If you’re a customer service adviser or a sales associate or customer liaison representative, etc., hear me now. No OConnor spells their last name ‘OConner’. (Maybe there’s an O’Connell, but not OConner.) (I recently did a search for ‘Jason OConner” and did find a few who actually did spell their name with an ‘er’. Go figure. But they are in the very, very small minority.)

And one more thing, if your last name is OConnor, do customer reps often say to you when you give your last name, “How do you spell your name, OcC . . .?” I guess there are some Irish last names like McCartney for example that do start with an ‘McC’, so I can see the confusion, but there is no such spelling! If you’re a customer service representative, please don’t think we spell our last name astarting with ‘OcC’.

Now that I’ve explained that, I want to stamp out the apostrophe. If your last name is OConnor, then from now on, leave the apostrophe out when signing up at websites or giving your information to company data input people. The apostrophe causes problems with some legacy databases, and makes you invisible in others. By banishing the apostrophe from our last name ‘OConnor’ forever, we’ll enter the 21st Century digital age ready to be treated equal to any other non-apostrophized last named person. We’ll save time and be equal!

Let’s stand together fellow OConnor’s. From now on, our official name is spelled OConnor. If we all stand together, we can stop the confusion forever.