Well, I’m off to a good professional start in 2010 because I’m working right now. I’ve been going through my various websites changing the copyright dates in the footers to 2010. It’s amazing to see how old a few of my sites are now.

I popped over to this blog to check if the copyright date needed updating as well and figured I’d write some of my more important New Year’s Resolutions regarding my professional life. Here they are.

  • I will only post content to my websites that is of high quality and will be of benefit to my website visitors.
  • I will spend 70% of my working time on my two main websites (the 2 sites that make up the bulk of my income). I will spend 20% of my time on my sites that I am currently trying to monetize. And I will spend the remaining 10% on all my other websites.
  • I will become more active in at least one social media outlet such as Facebook, Twitter or one of the professional online forums I belong to.
  • I will create and send out at least five Net Gazettes.
  • I will increase my book sales by at least 30%.