Back in the 90’s (wow I sound old) I began my career as a webmaster which was before Twitter, Google, Facebook, iPads and smartphones. I was the webmaster of a sign manufacturing company in South Hadley, MA (near Amherst) in 1997 and learned a lot about the web while at this job.

After a little while I found a position at a web design firm in Connecticut where my learning continued. Through the years I have worked for and helped companies as diverse as Intel, Data Translation and M.I.T.

Eventually, I started my own web design and marketing firm called Oak Web Works, LLC. I operated it first in Waltham, MA, a town right outside of Boston and then moved to the western Massachusetts area which is where I am originally from.

Today happens to be the day Google is rolling out a new major algorithm update that boosts sites in the rankings on smartphones if they are mobile-friendly. If you find your organization needs a new website, or needs to become more visible online, please contact me.

Services Oak Web Works Provides

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • WordPress development
  • Backend programming
  • PHP/MySQL, ASP.Net, Java, HTML5/CSS3 development
  • Web marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEM
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

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