I started reading science fiction a few decades ago and still do quite a bit. I happened upon Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series and I was hooked. I particularly like hard sci-fi, but enjoy all kinds.

I’ve had the pleasure of discovering and enjoying fantastic books over the years, taking me to times and universes of seemingly limitless imaginations.  (And I’ve come across a few duds as well.) There are so many wonderful stories out there, and I envy anyone who has happened upon the following list looking for recommendations, having not read any of it…yet.

Here is Jason OConnor’s recommended list of top sci-fi authors and books:

Isaac Asimov – The Foundation Series
Iain M. Banks – The Culture Series
Dan Simmons – The Hyperion Trilogy
Peter F. Hamilton – The Void Series, Great North Road, Fallen Dragon
Vernor Vinge – A Deepness in the Sky, A Fire Upon the Deep
Orson Scott Card – Ender’s War
David Brin – The Postman
Ursula LeGuin – The Lathe of Heaven
Joe Haldeman – The Forever War, Forever Peace
Linda Nagata – The Red Trilogy
Cixin Liu – The Three-Body Problem series
Jay Allen – Crimson Worlds Series
Neal Asher – Polity books
Alastair Reynolds – Revelation Space series
John C. Wright – The Golden Age trilogy