I wrote three articles for this edition, which is the first of 2009. I first sent it out to my email list, then posted it to The Net Gazette website here.

The first article is all about link bait. I collaborated with another writer for this one which delves into the concept of link bait, which is creating content that is compelling enough to attract links. Besides the article’s writing and most importantly its content, I also like the image I created to go along with the article. It’s a cartoon worm on a hook about to be eaten by a cartoon fish with the code that makes a hyperlink printed on its body.

The next article is partly taken from the book I wrote about hiring a Web designer and lists website best practices. It outlines some of the top best practices for Web design, technology and Web marketing.

The last article outlines much of my 2009 Web marketing action plan. I wanted to give people an example of what I will be concentrating on this year. And I wanted to lead by example by actually writing down and committing to paper (or in this case, html) my goals and plan. I have read and heard many times that if you write down your plans or goals it actually increases your chances of following through with your plans and achieving your goals.