I got a new iPad II for my birthday the other day and so far it seems pretty cool. I have been a Windows PC guy (and a Linux) guy forever so I never really delved into the world of Mac. My old college roommate, who allowed me to use his original Macintosh for my word processing assignments back in the early 90’s, moved over to PC’s right after that and never looked back. So after I received the iPad I was having a chat with him and he said to me, “O’Connor, ya gotta try out the iPad, I use it for everything.”

So, as I sit here and write this, my laptop PC running Windows is hooked up by a little white USB cable to my new Mac iPad II and is synching all my music. (That’s what we ‘Mac-heads’ call synchronizing the music on our computer with that on our iPod or iPad). I’ve already downloaded some cool apps, some for productivity and a couple of games and I am really enjoying it. Pretty cool so far anyway.