I’ve been a Web professional and consultant since right around when the Web went mainstream and have been using various software tools to help my job ever since. There have been countless tools to choose from over the years, but only some are really worth the money and effort to learn. Here are the ones that I find myself using these days.

I have some basic, everyday programs to start with. I use Dreamweaver and Notepad for HMTL development. For browsers, I always have both Internet Explorer and Firefox open, with many tabs in each open, and will check search engine rankings and how my websites look in each browser. Sometimes I will also use a third browser, Google’s Chrome.

For website diagnostics I use Xenu Link Sleuth, it is one of the best broken link tools and offers a whole lot more. I use GTmetrix and Zoompf to learn about how a site is loading, how fast it is and how well it technically performs. And I use Advanced Web Rankings and SEOMoz to see how well keyword phrases are performing in the search engines.

For competitive analysis I use compete.com, Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer.

Google, Wordtracker and SEOBook all have keyword research tools and I like them all for various and differing reasons.

I recently found a terrific little program called Ecobyte Replacement Text which does a great job at finding and replacing anything, including partial strings.

So these are the top tools in Jason’s webmaster toolbox and I hope you find these as useful as I do.